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Banish the junk drawer! Kitchen organization

Junk Drawer Kitchen organization seems to fall short where junk drawers are concerned. It’s often a bottomless drawer of random things from all over the house that have ended up in the kitchen! While it might be tempting to simply ignore this space, it’s a great place to add some customization to keep organized.  We’ve developed the “un-junk” drawer. We find that having a specific place for the items you really want to store in the kitchen keeps the drawer from [...]


Kitchens: The Heart of the Home

  I suppose it makes sense that I love kitchens. They have a reputation for being the heart of the home, I love to cook, and our family business is cabinet making. We have designed and built some lovely kitchens over the years…I wish ours was one of them! Our kitchen is not a dream kitchen. We went through a period of time when the oven door would simply fall off of the oven. This is never good. We now [...]

Spice Pull Out

Spice Storage and Organization

What is the most often asked question at home shows when we are there exhibiting our roll out shelves?  What solutions do you have for spice storage and organization?   Many of us have an abundance of spices.  We end up purchasing a spice because we need a 1/4 teaspoon for a recipe and the bottle sits in our cupboard.  Or since we have so many spices, we can’t find what we need.  So we go purchase another bottle only to [...]

Roll Out Shelves for Pantry

Universal Design for Kitchens

We were asked to participate in the Minnesota State Fair this year and are really excited about what we get to do! We will be designing and building the kitchen for the Wiser Living Idea House. Wiser Living is an award-winning exhibit presented by the Minnesota State Fair in partnership with Aging Services of Minnesota http://www.agingservicesmn.org/ and Older But Wiser Living http://olderbutwiserliving.com/wiser-living-exhibit/. The number of people trying to age in place has never been greater. Our kitchen will focus on accessibility and universal [...]

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