Monthly Archives - January 2014

Organized Spaces

It is a brand new year, a fresh start that often brings lots of well-meaning intentions to get organized. There are countless tips, books, and professionals to help you get organized. So many in fact, that even deciding what advice to follow can be overwhelming. Since I love organization I thought I would share my personal top 5 favorite organizational tips. These are five simple things you can do that may improve the function of your home too. Everything needs a [...]


Get Organized with Roll Out Shelves in the New Year!

This is the time of year you can’t help but take a few moments to look back at the year’s events. This year, like most, seemed to fly by. We have had a very busy year and the milestone event for our business has been moving into our new showroom. The space is still a work-in-progress, but it is certainly feeling more like home all the time. Perhaps at no other time of year is our desire to change habits, [...]

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