From The Shop

From The Shop

January 2019

Home Show Season Is Here!

Home show season starts next week! We will be spending the next few months loading and unloading the home show display and talking with past customers and potential clients about our rollouts and cabinets. Here are the show’s we are scheduled for: January 25-27 Home and Remodeling Show at US Bank Stadium February 15-17 Home and Landscape Show at St. Paul Rivercenter February 22-24, March 1-3 Home and Garden Show at Minneapolis Convention Center We hope to see you at [...]

June 2018

Custom Roll Out Shelves Will Transform Your Life!

Custom roll out shelves will transform your life! It sounds dramatic. However, time and time again, we work with clients to help them create a home that works better for their family. When we install custom roll outs their lives are a bit easier, a bit better. We can create roll outs that maximize your existing kitchen space. We can create roll outs that make a cramped bathroom function better. We can create roll outs to organize a hobby so you [...]

December 2017

Home show season! Lots of roll out shelves to showcase!

We are heading into what we affectionately call “Home Show Season” here at the shop.  This means that from January through April we spend a lot of our time out and about meeting potential customers and exhibiting our products.  We also get the opportunity to see many familiar faces as past customers stop in to say “hi” at the different shows.  It is wonderful and exhausting!  For those that have seen our exhibit, you know we set up a big [...]

July 2015


Ooh Ahh   America’s Independence Day is coming up. Fireworks are the traditional mode of celebration. Ever wonder why that is? Turns out that celebrating with fireworks is a tradition as old as our country. The first such fireworks display took place on July 4, 1777 in Philadelphia, despite still being in the midst of the Revolutionary War against Britain. It was intended to boost morale. Funny that with all of the inventions, advancements, and technology that has come about since [...]

Vertical Pull Out Spice Racks

If you’re someone who loves to cook, it is likely that you’ve accumulated an abundance of spices. Often adventurous cooks collect spices as they try new recipes. Which is great if you’re a taste tester, but strains the average kitchen cabinet. One of our more unique solutions is vertical pull out spice racks. These upper cabinet vertical roll outs make for nice eye level storage of spices or other items. They work similar to a roll out shelf and [...]

June 2015

Custom Roll Out Shelves Maximize Your Space

Custom designed and built vertical pull out shelves help organize your upper cabinet space. Custom roll outs maximize your existing space and make that space more accessible.  Help Your Shelves is part of Joseph Otto Enterprises.  We are a custom cabinetry shop that realized not everyone was in the market for new cabinetry, but they still wanted to gain accessibility and organization in their existing cabinets.  We use the same construction techniques with our roll outs that we use in [...]

Banish the junk drawer! Kitchen organization

Junk Drawer Kitchen organization seems to fall short where junk drawers are concerned. It’s often a bottomless drawer of random things from all over the house that have ended up in the kitchen! While it might be tempting to simply ignore this space, it’s a great place to add some customization to keep organized.  We’ve developed the “un-junk” drawer. We find that having a specific place for the items you really want to store in the kitchen keeps the drawer from [...]

Grilling Hacks

  Grilling season has official begun. The internet is loaded with more recipes than one could ever hope to try. Pinterest is the perfect place to find some grilling inspiration…and waste a couple of hours. We love to grill and don’t let the snow or the mosquitos keep us from cooking outdoors. One of my least favorite household chores is cleaning the grill. I use the nifty ammonia in garbage bag method, which does work, but still it is a [...]

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