Monthly Archives - May 2015

Happy bees!

Plants for Pollinators It is finally getting to be the time of year when Minnesotans head out outside. For some that means working in the garden, some it means planting or buying flower plants to enjoy during the warmer months. Most of us it seems, make some connection with growing things over the summer. If we don’t personally partake in growing fruits and veggies we likely visit a farmers market or get a tomato or two from a neighbor. It is [...]


She sheds?

A Space to Call Her Own We have all heard the term man cave. There are television shows about them. There are neon signs for them. The need for a man cave came about when the den became the family room and the man of the house needed a workshop…or a place to escape. Which for many men has always been the garage. The décor of a home has commonly been dictated by the woman of the house, so some (likely [...]


Straw Bale Gardens

A New Way To Garden This is the time of year when many people get the itch to garden. Have you heard of straw bale gardening? When I first did, it didn’t make much sense to me and then the more I learned the more I thought it sounded fantastic. You see, I love fresh produce and I hate weeding. Straw bale gardening makes for prolific plants and virtually no weeds. Brilliant! Like with most things, the prep work is an investment. [...]

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