Kitchens: The Heart of the Home

Kitchens: The Heart of the Home


I suppose it makes sense that I love kitchens. They have a reputation for being the heart of the home, I love to cook, and our family business is cabinet making. We have designed and built some lovely kitchens over the years…I wish ours was one of them! Our kitchen is not a dream kitchen. We went through a period of time when the oven door would simply fall off of the oven. This is never good. We now have a great 6 burner, double oven stove in a less then great space. Of course, we had to get rid of some cabinets to make it fit!

So, I’m just like some of you, dreaming of a new kitchen. One great way to get ideas is by visiting the Parade of Homes. Visiting homes on the tour always provides insight on what the trends are, but even better – you get to walk around in real spaces. I have ripped out plenty of magazine pages with kitchens that caught my eye, but there is no match for actually standing in the space.

Stop by a Holiday Station Store to pick up the free guide book, this year’s book has a special section on kitchens. If you are looking to see some beauties, this section is a good place to start. There is one with a red center island that made my heart beat a little faster. Not sure I would actually make such a bold choice, but I do love it.

Three trends they point out for kitchens are: storage, tech savviness, and mixed finishes. We can help make those things a reality in your space, whether you are remodeling or starting from scratch. Our expertise in roll outs ensures that your storage space is utilized to the fullest. We also know a thing or two about all the gadgets – including ways to display some and hide others. We can also help with the fun and sometimes intimidating choices on finishes. We provide ideas on creating focal points, where to splurge, and what materials work well together.

While your kitchen (or mine), may never be in a parade, a well-crafted kitchen is cause for celebration. So head out and do a little dreaming. Make note of things that really stand out, both good and bad. I went through my “dream house” file one day and was struck by how similar all the kitchens were that I pulled out over the years. There are a few features that always pull me in, so look for those things that consistently make you swoon. Those will likely become the priority when the time comes to build or remodel.

The Parade of Homes run through the end of March. From what I hear from those who’ve already visited some higher end homes, there is amazing use of reclaimed wood and granite seems to have lost some favor. I love reclaimed wood, so I’m anxious to see it used. It is nice to see homes being built with some character and re-used materials.

Visit Parade of Homes online and use their handy trip planner feature if you want to visit several homes and make a day of it.


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