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Roll Out Shelves for Pantry

Benefits of Roll Out Shelves

What are the benefits of installing OUR roll out shelves in your existing cabinetry?  Roll Out Shelves Add Value to Your Cabinetry Roll Out shelves are a great way to add value.  Not only do they help organize and de-clutter your space, but they add accessibility and storage space.  Many times we can add in extra levels of storage from what you currently have.  Our shelves fully extend outside the cabinet allowing us to space the shelves closer together since there [...]


Cabinet Construction FAQ

Many of our customers come to us with questions regarding cabinet construction and what makes a “better” cabinet. We thought this would be a good introduction to some basic cabinet construction techniques. Framed cabinets have a wood frame around the front outer edge of the cabinet box. The face frame is made up of several pieces of wood that are fastened together and then fastened to the cabinet box. The face frame helps to keep the box square and sturdy. Framed [...]

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