Monthly Archives - January 2015

Spice Pull Out

Custom Roll Out Shelves Help You Maximize Your Existing Space!

Custom roll outs maximize your existing space and make that space more accessible. We all want to love our home, and being organized certainly helps us feel better about our spaces.  We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable experience and believe in transforming lives by transforming spaces. Where to use roll outs? Everywhere! Your immediate thought may be kitchen and you are right, roll outs are a wonderful way to make your kitchen function better. However, our custom roll outs make [...]


It’s Cold Outside, Get It Delivered!

January is traditionally the month when most people at least give some thought to getting more organized. It is also the time of year when many of us make some plans for how we will spend our time and money in the year ahead. I recently learned of a cool service that Target offers that can save you time, money, and aggravation. Another reason to love Target. Target offer a subscription service that allows you to shop thousands of commonly [...]


Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy We are in the thick of what typically are the coldest days of a Minnesota winter. If you aren’t planning on visiting a warmer climate, you may be missing the color green. You know that color that the grass is during the spring, that color of tree canopies, and the color of vegetable and flowers plants? If so you are not alone. Houseplants can boost your mood during a long winter and they can also improve your home’s air [...]

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