Monthly Archives - May 2014

A Well Stocked Pantry

Pantry Roll Out Shelves I like to cook when I have time and the kitchen is well-stocked and organized. When one of those two criteria is not met, cooking dinner is a chore. Eventually, the sun will shine, plants will grow, and farmers markets will open. Coming home from the farmers market always leaves me feeling inspired, so this year I’ve decided to make a deliberate effort to have a well-stocked and organized pantry ahead of time. In theory this [...]


Custom Cabinetry for Home Office

Regardless of whether you have a home office as a place to run a business, do homework, or manage the household, you want it to feel like home. Ideally, it is a space that is designed to suit your needs as well as an enjoyable space that you want to spend time in. A home office with custom cabinetry that is designed to your needs will ensure it functions well and flows with the rest of the home. Above is [...]

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