She sheds?

A Space to Call Her Own We have all heard the term man cave. There are television shows about them. There are neon signs for them. The need for a man cave came about when the den became the family room and the man of the house needed a workshop…or a place to escape. Which for many men has always been the garage. The décor of a home has commonly been dictated by the woman of the house, so some (likely [...]


Let’s organize those cabinets!

Let’s organize those cabinets!   We always tell our clients the most difficult part of a kitchen design isn’t picking the door style or stain color, but designing a kitchen that functions well.  Of course, everyone spends time thinking about and dreaming about what that dream kitchen will look like.  But we also want to spend time talking about how you will use that kitchen and how to keep everything organized and easily accessible.  Here are some ideas we’ve used in [...]


Your Opinion Matters! Do You Love Your Rollout Shelves?

We know choosing a company to make improvements like rollout shelves to your home is a big decision, so thank you for choosing us! We also know that it is often the words of past customers that help people make their decision. That’s why we are asking for your help. Please take a few moments to provide a review of your experience with us. You will be rewarded with chances to win four FREE roll outs, because you can never have too [...]


Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends Are you like me and are hoping this is the year to FINALLY remodel your kitchen?  9 years ago we moved into our home (after fully renovating our previous home) and decided the first thing we would change was the kitchen.  Instead we replaced all the mechanicals, dealt with a flooding issue, planted over 1,000 plants and revamped all the landscaping, and decided to have me work full time in the cabinetry business as well.  So, fast [...]


Kitchens: The Heart of the Home

  I suppose it makes sense that I love kitchens. They have a reputation for being the heart of the home, I love to cook, and our family business is cabinet making. We have designed and built some lovely kitchens over the years…I wish ours was one of them! Our kitchen is not a dream kitchen. We went through a period of time when the oven door would simply fall off of the oven. This is never good. We now [...]


We are heading back to the Home and Garden Show!

We are making our plans, for what has now become a yearly trip to the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. The show runs February 25 – March 1. Honestly, it gets to be a long week displaying at the show. However, it is always exciting to see the new trends and products that show up. This year the idea home has an active lifestyle theme. Design experts have found that active people prefer a smaller home because they spend [...]

Spice Pull Out

Custom Roll Out Shelves Help You Maximize Your Existing Space!

Custom roll outs maximize your existing space and make that space more accessible. We all want to love our home, and being organized certainly helps us feel better about our spaces.  We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable experience and believe in transforming lives by transforming spaces. Where to use roll outs? Everywhere! Your immediate thought may be kitchen and you are right, roll outs are a wonderful way to make your kitchen function better. However, our custom roll outs make [...]


Entryway Organization

Entryway Organization   The area of your home that serves as the main entry likely gets abused and overlooked. However, it is also an area that you use a lot.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it functioned well and looked nice too? It is possible!   Of course we would be happy to build you custom cabinets to maximize the space and conceal your clutter, but we also know that projects like that don’t always happen overnight. Here are some quick solutions to [...]


We are heading to the Minnesota State Fair! Roll Outs Galore!

We are excited to be a part of the Minnesota State Fair WISER LIVING: Smart Solutions for Aging at Home Exhibit! We like many Minnesotans love the Fair and go each year. Country Living rated it one of the top ten! Don’t believe me? Check it out http://www.countryliving.com/outdoor/best-state-fairs   Of course, one of our favorite parts is the food! We love trying all the new foods each year. Who knows what new food will be on a stick this year! We designed a [...]

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