Kitchen Cabinets- Need help deciding what to do with that empty space?

Kitchen Cabinets- Need help deciding what to do with that empty space?


Many people wonder what to do with the space above kitchen cabinets. One option is to have us build kitchen cabinets to match the existing ones to fill in that space and add storage. No one will ever know they were added!

If you aren’t ready for new cabinetry, there are countless other options. Of course you want the space to enhance the look of your kitchen and not appear to be a catch all. In our search for ideas we ran across two extreme schools of thought. Interior designer Kirsten Krason offered up her opinion in her blog that she prefered nothing above the cabinetry.  She prefers the clean look and negative space created by leaving that space empty.

However, for many people that space “needs” something for the kitchen to feel complete. Since Pier 1  has plenty of things to fill up spaces, they offer many suggestions.  Their suggestions were much different from Krason’s, so in the end you will have to figure out what look makes you happy.,default,pg.html

Here are some tips that we think are worth keeping in mind:

Use larger items, using small items above cabinets will likely look more like clutter than good design. Group items together for impact.

Keeping the color scheme monochromatic will make it less busy looking, while still adding personality.

Consider adding some battery operated LED candles to accentuate the texture of items and add a warm glow. Choose ones with timers or a remote.

Keep in mind that you probably won’t be dusting up there on a weekly basis, so light colored items will show less dust. Let’s face it, even the best display won’t look good if it looks dirty.

Like many design projects it boils down to what makes it feel like home to you. If you like it clean and simple, don’t let anyone convince you that you must put something up there. On the other hand, if you want to display things you love, do so.


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